“I am confident that I found the right person to help me when I contacted Heliotropic Systems."

Linda S., purchasing agent, small business
Teaneck, NJ

“Here's my pearl of wisdom - work with someone who really knows what he or she is doing! Larry Kahm, the consultant with whom we're working, is a real pro and he has worked with us to provide an easy to use, robust system.”

Lisa D., Director of Business Development and Marketing, Architectural Engineering firm
New York, NY

“Heliotropic Systems your service is great!”

Charles S., President, Marketing firm
Edgewater, NJ

“Thank you for your efforts – above and beyond the call of duty – to find out why my cable modem was not working. You traced the wiring throughout several rooms and gave Time Warner the exact information they needed to fix the problem.”

Bernice S., Owner, Educational Training firm
Fort Lee, NJ

Larry is an honest and reliable computer consultant. He is a good diagnostician who provides quick service. I am thrilled that he can access my computer from his office at any time, day or night, because that means a service call can be at my convenience.”

Barbara F., Owner, Event Organization and Planning firm
Fort Lee, NJ

I don't know how many computer consultants will tell you (or know) about all the options available to a customer. But this one took actions that were above and beyond the basics of computer repair. I am extremely pleased with the personal service and results provided by Larry Kahm of Heliotropic Systems!”

Walter C., President, Financial Management Consulting Services firm
Fort Lee, NJ

“I appreciated the initial cost-free consultation with Heliotropic Systems. Larry is a no-pressure professional. I was pleased with the information, the options and alternatives that he presented. And I was thrilled with his willingness to consider and work within my budget. The final product is terrific - a real improvement over any computer system I could have selected on my own.”

Ronnie R., Attorney, Real Estate Law firm
New York, NY

“I really appreciated the time you took to make the inital assessment. You were both prompt and professional. You saw the entire job through to completion, which gave me peace of mind about my computer system.

Myra L., Managing Director, Reinsurance firm
New York, NY

“Imagine, a one-hour "Technology Tune Up" and Larry cleaned up the problem I called him about in the first place, was able to convey all of the technical information about what he was doing - and why - in plain English, so that I could understand, and worked to make things right with my computer. My computer has never been better!"

Ruth Anne B., home user
Fort Lee, NJ

Heliotropic Systems provides excellent service. Larry's advice is always timely. You can't ask for a nicer consultant to service your home computer."

Alan A., home user
Edgewater, NJ

“Heliotropic Systems, ‘thank you’ for the great service! Larry, my computer is running much faster - and I can get my work done without any interruptions. I appreciate your professionalism, the pace at which you worked through the problems, and the intelligent approach you took to resolve them."

Olga V., home user
Fort Lee, NJ

“I really like and appreciate that you answer questions and emails quickly. Plus, you make appointments right away; you didn’t make me wait a week for service, like some other computer technicians do.

I was happy with the whole 'new computer purchase' process from beginning to end. I loved that I knew you weren’t going to try to tell me to buy something I didn’t need. You listened to my requirements, asked the right questions, and found me an amazing deal on a top-notch computer. You then were great when you set up my new computer and made sure everything was transferred from my last two computers on to my new laptop. Not to mention the great follow-up!

I think one of the biggest benefits from working with Heliotropic Systems was the process from beginning to end. I felt very secure that you were handling everything so that I didn’t have to even think about it."

Rebecca F., Occupational Therapist, Registered, Licensed
New York, NY

“As a small business owner, I value Larry's fast response to my calls.

I am extremely pleased that he has the ability to quickly address my computer problems and fix them.

Thanks to Heliotropic Systems, I can now print my documents in half the time it used to take me. That's a huge benefit for my business."

Arnold B., Certified Notary Public Signing agent
Fort Lee, NJ

“I wanted to say, once again, "Thank you for your help last week."

This note is just to give you an idea of how fast you made my printer. This past Thursday I had two closings; one at 6:30 pm and another at 8:30 pm.

I was delayed coming home from a doctor's appointment, so I wasn't able to start to print my documents until 5:45.

I printed both of the documents - 100 pages each, with 4 copies - in less than 15 minutes!

And I was only 5 minutes late to my first closing."

Arnold B., Certified Notary Public Signing agent
Fort Lee, NJ

“If I had to say two things about Heliotropic Systems' services, it would be "prompt" and "expert."

Our recent computer system replacement was quick, clean, efficient, and had an excellent outcome. As a result of Larry's work we now have the full use of our lab."

Dr. Erwin K., Physician
New York, NY

“I like everything about your service. You were polite, knowledgeable, and very pleasant to work with. As a result, my computer - a new netbook - now works!"

Sandi Z, Retail Store Owner
Englewood, NJ

“Larry is the antidote for the frustrations of the technologically challenged! He patiently addresses your problems and concerns, and resolves them for you."

David S., home user
Fort Lee, NJ

“I like that you showed up when you promised to. And then you listened intently to the problems I was having with my computer. After you heard that I was on the phone with another tech support company for more than two hours, you then went to work right away.

I am impressed that you wouldn't give up until you solved the problem. I can only imagine the amount of research you had to do to get my system back in working order. But I am very satisfied with how quickly you resolved this problem.

The biggest benefit is that my computer is working again, and I don't have to purchase a new one."

Phyllis L., home user
Fort Lee, NJ

“When I contacted Heliotropic Systems about getting a new computer, I had some reservations because I was so used to the old one. Larry understood that and answered all of my questions. The result was a very easy transition from the old to the new system.

The best part of working with him is that knowing when I run into a problem, I have a great computer technician to call on!"

Rhea H., home user
Fort Lee, NJ


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