Using a Technology Assessment to Achieve Improved Security for a Small Business!

In about one-quarter of the time the former consultant had spent in the prior year cleaning up viruses, I was able to ensure that the business was truly protected.

I engage in a standard process that includes a series of meetings whenever a small business owner asks me to take over the operation of their computer network. In one of those meetings I ask them to describe any problems they have experienced with their former computer consultant. There are two reasons for this. The first is to see if I have completely covered all of my bases in terms of developing the desired solution for that business. The second is to see if anything has been overlooked.

For one client, I asked the office administrator to provide me with the prior years’ computer support invoices. I spent some time analyzing the charges and found some startling information.

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Google Places Search Yields Local Computer Support!

"Our organization has a local resource in Bergen County that can provide professional, high-quality, hands-on computer support to our staff."

My name is John Blancuzzi. I am director of IT Systems and Development at Cupid Foundations, a women’s intimate apparel manufacturer located in Blackwell, Oklahoma. Recently I needed a local computer support technician in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Our company can provide computer support to our outside sales people by using remote control software, but there are certain times when we need to have someone with “feet on the ground” experience. In this case, I needed someone who could physically handle hardware and work directly with our people.

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An Antivirus Message Leads to a Huge Savings!

A one-hour “Technology Tune Up” and Larry cleaned up the problem I called him about in the first place, was able to convey all of the technical information about what he was doing in plain English, and worked to make things right with my computer.

I was walking to the garage to get to my car when one of my neighbors turned and said to me, “If you ever need someone to look after your computer, Larry is your man.” Well, that was a pretty remarkable coincidence, because I was getting a pop-up message from Norton about PasswordRevealer. As Larry handed me his business card, he explained that if it was an alert, Norton was doing its job and protecting my computer. But it showed up several times a day, so when I happened to see him later that same day, I asked if he could stop by to take a look.

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Laptop Repair - Small Business Saved Over $300!

The entire repair process took a few days – not several weeks! The price of the repair was covered by my credit card – and was nowhere near $700!

Several weeks ago, on a Saturday, I was working on my Hewlett-Packard laptop. Suddenly, it “blacked out” and nothing appeared on my screen. I had purchased this HP laptop approximately 13 months ago from Best Buy. I thought it advisable to take my machine to them, and let their Geek Squad repair it. Much to my amazement, I was told that the machine had to be sent back to the factory, and that I could expect a turnaround time of three to four weeks. I was upset because I use that laptop for work. Furthermore, they told me that the cost could be as much as $700. I thought that was absurd, because I could have purchased a new laptop for approximately that same amount.

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